5 Physical Signs You’re At Risk for Health Problems

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5 Physical Signs You’re At Risk for Health Problems

You stare at your face every day so pay attention—here’s what the mirror could be trying to tell you about your body.

Zits happen when your body produces excess oil and dead skin cells—together they form a soft plug blocking hair follicles and creating a landscape where bacteria can thrive.

“Sometimes in men who work out a lot, they’ll have acne eruptions on their backs as a result of the supplements, proteins or anabolic steroids they’re taking to build muscle mass,” says Peredo. Plus, taking a potent cocktail of supplements and steroids could be messing with your body’s chemistry in other ways, causing mood swings, aggression, irritability, or even insomnia. She suggests taking a break from your supplement routine to see if it improves your skin (and your mood). Antibiotics or a topical treatment can help resolve the problem.


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