Best Nutrition Breakthroughs for December 2013

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Best Nutrition Breakthroughs for December 2013

After four cups of coffee a day, that java jolt could hurt you. Plus: breaking research on nuts and watermelon juice.
Young men who drink more than 28 cups of coffee a week have a 56% higher risk of dying from any cause, says an analysis of the 31-year Aerobics Longitudinal study. Data on 40,000-plus subjects showed that, while java contains antioxidants and can reduce inflammation and boost cognitive function, caffeine can cause an epinephrine jolt, raise blood pressure, and impair insulin sensitivity. “These could counterbalance one another,” resulting in higher mortality, says study author Junxiu Liu, M.D. So stop at four cups a day—or when you can’t hold the cup straight anymore, whichever comes first.

Best Nutrition Breakthroughs for November 2013


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