Click Away The Pounds

Surfing the net could help you whittle down your waistline. That's because no matter what kind of dieter you are or how much weight you have to lose, there's a Web site designed to help you take off the pounds.

Best All-Around Diet Site
WHY: The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic is easy to use and offers an in-depth diet analysis and a customized eating plan. You get daily and weekly feedback based on your food journal, with around-the-clock access to registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, and an active community of online dieters. Plus, there are free recipe makeovers to help you satisfy your cravings responsibly.
COST: $5/week

Best Recipes and Meal Ideas
WHY: This site tells you what to eat and how to make it. Expect all the support you'd receive from a buddy who helps you lose weight-only it's virtual, in the form of online progress reports and Weight Watchers' online message boards. (Best of all-no meetings!)
COST: $5/week

Best Food Journal
WHY: You choose the diet plan, provides a daily report on how you're doing, including any long-term dieting trends its calculators detect from analyzing your behavior.
COST: Free

Best Nutrition DataBase
WHY: The ideal site for guys with a small amount of weight to lose. Look up the nutrition content of thousands of foods, estimate your calorie needs and track daily intake, and even create and analyze your own recipes. The no-cost "Better Choices Diet" tool provides lower-calorie alternatives to foods in your current eating plan.
COST: Free

Best Online Community
WHY: The name says it all: This site focuses on finding a buddy for support. Users also have access to dietitians, doctors, and personal trainers; a nutrition-facts database; healthy recipes; and calculators to determine calories for weight loss.
COST: Free

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