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Could You Have a Male Eating Disorder?

If you think eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are just a chick thing, guess again. Ask yourself these six questions to make sure your eating and exercise patterns are in a healthy zone.

4. Does exercise interfere with your work?

It’s healthy and time-savvy to squeeze in a workout on your lunch hour. But if you’re frequently late to work because of a lengthy, can’t-miss AM exercise schedule—or you skip out of the office in the afternoons to fit in a sweat session—it’s a sign that your dedication to your appearance is veering toward a danger zone.

5. Do you feel inadequate in your relationship?

Insecurities can occasionally get the better of anyone, but if you’re obsessively working out because you feel like you’re not muscular enough for your girlfriend—or you have a lot of issues around your sexual performance—it could be a sign that you’re unhealthily compensating for that anxiety. “A lot of guys I treat are rejection-sensitive, so they try to manage that by creating their own ‘body armor,’” says Dr. Weltzin.

6. Do you have physical symptoms?

If after exercising you are weak or run down, feel dizzy, or you have hart palpitations, those are serious warning signs that your exercise regimen is overloaded. “If after eating you feel panicked or desperate, or you force yourself to vomit, those are major red flags that you have an eating disorder,” says Dr. Weltzin.




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