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30-Minute Meat Recipes From Michael Symon

The celebrity chef shares simple recipes, tips on how to choose quality cuts, and preparation techniques for meat lovers.

While shopping for meat that is organic, pasture-raised and free range is important for many, it is also expensive. “It’s all about buying the best you can afford,” says Symon, who encourages buying a pound of properly raised and slaughtered beef, over a pound and a half of stuff he likes to call “schwag.” Symon says that a good three to five ounce portion of protein is just fine, as long as you load on the veggies to fill out your plate. 

Another helpful tip from Symon is exploring uncommon cuts of meat with good sources of protein, which are cheaper than filets and other high-priced options. The chef notes skirt and shank cuts, and for the less timid, hearts and tongues, as options that pack a lot flavor without emptying your wallet. 

With Carnivore, of utmost importance for Symon is embracing meat for what it is – yes, as simple as this sounds, the answer is food. “Beyond how you cook the meat, to me, eating real food is a big part of the satisfaction,” says Symon. “Big protein shakes are not satisfying. I’m all about cooking and consuming as much real food as possible. You don’t need supplements to hit your health and fitness goals.” 

Here are just four of the 120 recipes in Carnivore, to give you a little preview of what the book has to offer. 



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