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4 Flavor-Packed Lower Carb Meals and Snacks

Chef Tom Valenti releases a seriously healthy cookbook full of recipes created for diabetics (and guys who just want to keep carbs and sugar in check).

The days of shaving every last carbohydrate our diets in order to lose weight are long gone (thankfully!), but there are still plenty of us who try to keep our sugar and carb consumption in check. It's not always easy, since lower-carb meals can get pretty boring, pretty fast. 

That's why we were psyched to flip through Tom Valenti's new book You Don’t Have to be Diabetic to Love this Cookbook. The title really does say it all: While the recipes and dishes contained within were  specifically designed with diabetics' needs in mind, they all contain a healthy mix of fat, calories and carbohydrates. That means when you eat them, you'll get a steady supply of energy throughout the day—rather than a sugar spike and crash soon afterward. 

Important to Note:

Valenti approximates that diabetic men should consume about 60-75 grams of carbs per meal, and for women it is 45-65 grams. The great thing about this cookbook is that almost all of the meals are less than 45 carbs - even the pastas! 

Check out our favorite lower carb meal and snack recipes from You Don’t Have to be Diabetic to Love this Cookbook.



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