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How to Trick Your Appetite

Can't stop eating? Here's how to eat less, feel fuller and burn more energy.

Indulge in Dairy

Dairy is another excellent source of protein, but be careful—while cheese is delicious and high in protein, it’s also usually really high in bad-fat calories. So are there any low-fat, low calorie dairy products? A cup of non-fat cottage cheese has 15g of protein and only 104 calories, while Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as normal yogurt—up to 20g of protein per cup, half the sugar and a similar amount of calories as the normal stuff.

Super Soup

Calorie-containing liquids are usually less filling than solid foods, but soups are the exception, according to research from Purdue University. A Purdue study found that having low-calorie soups (broth- and tomato-based ones) before meals may reduce hunger and increase feelings of fullness.

Amp Up Your Metabolism

There’s also a type of food that will goose your metabolism so that you burn more calories with less effort, at least for a few hours after you eat it. What is this miracle of nutrition? Spicy food. Capsaicin—the chemical that gives chili peppers their heat—increases caloric expenditure for several hours. Capsaicin works by increasing levels of the “fight-or-flight” hormone epinephrine (adrenaline), which speeds fat use and increases metabolism, and may also be a mild appetite suppressant. Habanero, cayenne and jalapeno peppers are said to work best, while black pepper and ginger are said to have similar effects.

Caffeine is also a mild, short-term appetite suppressant, and may stimulate thermogenesis—one way your body generates heat and energy from digesting food. However, there’s insufficient evidence to suggest long term use aids weight loss.


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