5 Health Tests for Men Under 40

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5 Health Tests for Men Under 40

Study up—these easy exams could save your life!
Feeling blue now and then is normal, but for some guys, it can be dangerous. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in men ages 35 to 44, according to a 2008 CDC report. “More often men get caught up in their physical health and tend to sweep their mental health under the rug,” explains Dahmer. Here's where having a good relationship with your doc can really save your life. Talk to him about your stress, any insomnia you're having and/or what's going on in your life (i.e., a recent breakup or job loss). If he has concerns he can work with you to break the cycle, including helping you find the right treatment, like cognitive behavior therapy. “If you're depression is severe, you may also want to rule out bio-chemical reasons with a blood test,” Dahmer suggests.

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