Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy

Remember when water beds were all the rage? In the quest for better rest, people actually believed they'd be floating to La-La Land like babies on their personal wave pools. Luckily, you don't need to get seasick to become better rested. But by making some quick adjustments to the way you're already sleeping, you can start feeling more energized and alert, without actually having to waste any extra time in bed . . . no matter when or where you catch a wink. Here's how.

When sleeping in a plane or car . . .
Get as close to horizontal as possible. Tilt your chair back (even if it's only a few coach-class degrees) and raise your feet. "The quality of sleep you get while lying down is much better than what you get while sitting up," says James Maas, Ph.D., author of Power Sleep. Now stretch—a simple arm extension should do. "Stretching helps get blood flowing, making sleep more restful," says Maas.

When working the late shift and sleeping during the day . . .
Keep the place you're working as bright as possible. Then go Nicholson and wear dark glasses an hour before bed. Tricking your brain into thinking it's getting dark outside will help convince your body you're working regular hours.

When you can only sleep a few hours a day . . .
Stick to a schedule. "You can easily reduce the amount of time your body needs for sleep as long as you keep the patterns regular," says Maas. Only have time to sleep from 2 to 7 during the week? That's OK, but don't sleep in on the weekends, or your body won't get into the routine. Sleep the same amount of time every night, and the good doctor promises your body will adjust.

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