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6 Reasons You Need Vitamin D

Increase your chances of accomplishing your short and long-term health and fitness goals through the simple addition of the sunshine vitamin.

Healthier Heart

Do heart problems run in your family? If so, you might be interested to know about a recent Copenhagen University Hospital study. Research revealed that participants who had the lowest levels of vitamin D were found to have had an 81% increased potential to die from heart disease, 64% greater risk of heart attacks, and 57% higher chance of early death than those with the highest vitamin D levels. Add vitamin D rich foods and beverages such as salmon and milk to your grocery list and better your odds.

Care For Your Hair

Everyone knows to attract the ladies you have to take care of your hair. What you may not have considered is the role of vitamin D. Researchers recently revealed that vitamin D has the ability to revive receptors in hair follicles that seemingly die and consequently leads many men to developing male pattern baldness. While more research will be conducted, these findings might be enough to prompt many to ditch their favorite stone cold beer in favor of a warm glass of milk.

Deficiency Common in Cancer Patients

Cancer. The mere word sends shivers down your spine. Recently, researchers discovered that regardless of the form of cancer or even the nutritional status of the patient, the one thing most cancer patients have in common is a vitamin D deficiency. Early detection is always your best chance of successfully battling it, so if cancer runs in your family, get screened. And, considering that vitamin D deficiency is considered common amongst cancer patients, don’t knowingly allow yourself to become vitamin D deficient.



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