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6 Supplements You Shouldn't Be Skipping

Scientifically researched supplements that could help you lose fat and build lean muscle mass. Don't forget your daily dose.

2/ Glutamine

Is all that training making you feel run down or even sick? If so, Italian research indicates that glutamine might be able to help. Their study revealed that glutamine could have a positive impact on the reduction of inflammation and infection. And, as an added bonus, it could also stimulate muscle growth. How? According to research conducted in Scotland, glutamine regulates glycogen within your body and has the ability to boost levels resulting in enhanced performance and muscle growth.

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1/ Multivitamins

Can you hear your body talk? No, but if you could it would probably tell you that working out takes a lot out of you, including the loss of vitamins that you need to sustain yourself. Unfortunately, research indicates that many who train hard while desperately trying to maintain a specific body weight are often vitamin deficient. Multivitamins should help remedy that loss. Start your day off with this supplement and be sure to take only the recommended amount.

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