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Unlock Your Potential: How to Boost Your HGH Levels

Human growth hormone has been shown to make your hair and nails grow faster, while reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Want to stay young forever? Learn how to keep your HGH levels high to the slow aging process.

Topical Creams

Testosterone cream is real and often effective for improving libido, muscle mass, and sexual performance in both men and women. However, products labeled “topical HGH cream” are another story. There’s little evidence to substantiate that they amount to anything. While some HGH creams contain plant growth hormone, there is no research showing any benefit to humans. The aim of testosterone cream is to replace the body’s naturally depleting testosterone levels. While topical testosterone is available only via a doctor’s co-sign, HGH creams are sold through online vendors and considered by many to be a scam.

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“Since cream is not a direct injection and the marketing claim of your cream is that it contains HGH, then you are ripping people off,” says one unhappy anonymous user. “If the intent of the cream is to stimulate the pituitary gland and release additional HGH, you could still be getting ripped off. Check the ingredients list.”

Most products labeled as HGH cream contain less than 5% of Somatropin, which is a type of synthetic growth hormone. Creams are considered the least effective way in which you can boost your HGH levels. Also, considering that growth hormone is a very fragile substance and tends to deteriorate easily, a topical application might not be the best facilitator.

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