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The Most Dangerous Things Dieters Do

These unhealthy habits have no place in your weight-loss plan.

At the start of each year, a wave of weight loss advice hits your news feeds, TV, and social circles. Though your intentions may be good, and your motivation high, the execution of your weight-loss plan could throw your body for a dangerous loop. From fat-loss gimmicks to heavy promises of weight loss without working out, Heather Mangieri, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., helped us wade through the most common diet traps to identify the weight-loss tactics that pose the biggest threats to your overall health.

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Diet Danger #1: Eliminating Essential Nutrients

While scaling back on specific macronutrients, like carbs or fat, may be key to successful weight loss, eliminating them completely won't do you any favors. The body needs some carbohydrates for energy, and small amounts of healthy fat to aid the absorption of disease-fighting antioxidants. If you're going the gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian/vegan route, you've got to make up for the nutrients found in foods like whole-grain bread, low-fat milk or lean protein elsewhere in your diet. The smartest thing you can attempt to avoid altogether; sugar, says Mangieri.

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