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3 Rare Liquors You Don't and Should Know

Get to know some of the globe’s less celebrated spirits and try them in your favorite summer cocktail.

Vodka. Whiskey. Rum. Gin. Tequila. Brandy.

The six very familiar names listed above serve as the world’s most popular distilled alcoholic beverages, also known as liquor or spirits.

All vary in their country of origin, color, taste, alcohol content and mixability. Whether it be a screwdriver (vodka/orange juice), rum and coke, gin and tonic—yeah, you get the point. This is the booze you know and love.

Ok, there is also Schnapps, and a bunch of other flavored liquors (known as liqueurs) like Southern Comfort, Kahlua and Amaretto. When it comes to straight, unflavored/sugarless spirits, however, the sacred six reigns supreme.

But what if we were to tell you there were...others? That’s right; while not household names in this country, there are several types of pure liquor in the world, which in some regions are more popular than any of the six spirits listed above.

Remember: always drink in moderation, for your safety and your health. Nonetheless, drinking liquor straight (neat or on the rocks) is a better dietary route than calorie-loaded cocktails or beers with empty carbs. Straight liquor is not devoid of those, obviously, but you should be drinking less of it, and at a slower pace.

Without further ado, here are three exotic, distilled beverages to shake up your nightlife repertoire.



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