6 Surprising Things That Can Cause Killer Hangovers

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6 Surprising Things That Can Cause Killer Hangovers

Gearing up for an epic New Year's Eve? If you don't want to start 2013 with a major headache, read this before you party.

Yes, you may think eating super-clean and low-fat before a night out is a good idea—you are trying to balance the booze’s extra carbs and cals, after all. But it turns out that you might be better off adding some fat to your meal. “Fatty foods in particular stick to the stomach lining longer, slowing down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream,” says Tammy Lakatos Shames, R.D., co-author of The Secret To Skinny. Now this doesn't mean you need to chow down on a cheesesteak and fries; healthy fats do the trick too. So try having salmon and sautéed vegetables or a turkey sandwich with avocado as your pre-party dinner.


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