6 Surprising Things That Can Cause Killer Hangovers

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6 Surprising Things That Can Cause Killer Hangovers

Gearing up for an epic New Year's Eve? If you don't want to start 2013 with a major headache, read this before you party.

Hopefully you haven't been picking happy hour over your workout lately. Why? Exercising can actually benefit you when it comes to alcohol consumption. “More muscular individuals can take in more alcohol than those who aren’t as fit because they have more water in their body, says Dr. Schaefer. “It’s like pouring liquor into a bigger body of water—those who don’t work out will feel the effects faster.” Please note: we’re not saying that because you work out,  you should drink more. Just keep in mind that if your body can handle alcohol better—your day-after experience might not be as unpleasant.


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