6 Surprisingly Healthy Beers

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6 Surprisingly Healthy Beers

Stock your six-pack with these beers for a side of health benefits with your buzz.

It’s becoming less and less of a secret at this point, but Guinness draught, everyone’s St. Pattys Day pint of choice, is not as filling as its thick, dark body would suggest. A serving of the stout beer boasts 126 calories, which is 19 less than a Budweiser and 24 less than a Heineken. Guinness also contains a shade under 10 carbs, which is less than, say, Sam Adams Boston Lager (18 carbs per serving). This is all partly due to Guinness’ low alcohol content (4.0), but don’t use any of this as an excuse to tack on a few car bombs this St. Pattys.

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