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7 Holiday Cocktail Recipes from Top Mixologists

Get in the spirit—and show off your sweet bartender moves—with these easy-to-mix seasonal drinks.

The Cinnamon Twist, Pink Taco Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, CA

"The smokiness of Don Julio Anejo blends perfectly with apple cider and cranberry, but the Serrano peppers and cinnamon infused simple syrup take it to the next level. The taste is at once sweet, smoky and spicy."- Bobby Sloan, mixologist, Pink Taco.

1.5 oz Don Julio Anejo
1.5 oz Homemade Apple Cider
.5 oz Cranberry Juice
.5 oz Cinnamon infused Simple Syrup
3 slices Serrano Peppers

Mix It:
Combine Serrano Peppers and Simple Syrup in a mixing tin, muddle. Add remaining ingredients and top with large ice cubes. Shake and dump into a rocks glass. Garnish with Cinnamon stick.

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