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7 Holiday Cocktail Recipes from Top Mixologists

Get in the spirit—and show off your sweet bartender moves—with these easy-to-mix seasonal drinks.

The Ginger Bitch, Rock & Reilly's Irish Whiskey Pub
West Hollywood, CA

"This cocktail brings together all the elements that are reminiscent of the holiday season. The Reilly's Mother's Milk whiskey warms the bones as the apple 'shine and cranberry juice are the perfect compliment to any turkey dinner with family and friends." - Timmy Kitchens, mixologist, Rock & Reilly's Irish Whiskey Pub.

1.5 oz Reilly's Mother's Milk Whiskey
3/4 oz Apple Pie 'Shine
1 oz Cranberry
Fresh Lemon (squeeze)
Fresh Basil
Orange Twist Garnish

Mix It:
Combine Reilly's Mother's Milk whiskey, Apple Pie 'Shine, squeeze of lemon in shaker. Slap 2 large basil leave, add to shaker and stir gently. Pour over ice in tall glass. Top with splash of ginger ale. Garnish with orange twist.  

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