America's Top 10 Craft Breweries

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America's Top 10 Craft Breweries

The best brewhouses in the nation—featuring the tastiest pints you'll ever sip, from seasonal beers to extra hoppy IPAs.
A Kentucky favorite dating back to 1905, Falls City went through a series of changes and ownerships (even leaving the city in 1978) until gaining the sad reputation of a low-cost lager. But this all changed in 2009, when local boy David Easterling purchased the lapsed trademark and revived the fledgling brand, and today Falls City is Louisville's great success story. Easterling brews his beer as an English pale ale similar in style to the beer's 1930s heyday, and locals couldn't be happier. Although there's no brewpub or facility to visit, Louisville's original craft brew is available at bars and restaurants citywide (just look for the neon signs). (


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