America's Top 10 Craft Breweries

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America's Top 10 Craft Breweries

The best brewhouses in the nation—featuring the tastiest pints you'll ever sip, from seasonal beers to extra hoppy IPAs.
Opened in May 2011, Austin Beerworks is the only brewery in Texas' Capital City to produce its beers strictly in cans. Why the aluminum? Cans get cold faster, they're better for the environment than bottles, and they protect beer better. Beerworks' specializes in four basic brews—including Pearl Snap German-Style Pilsner and Peacemaker Extra Pale Ale—that are easy to drink and go down smooth. While there's no tasting room at the brewery's 8,500 square-foot warehouse, you'll spot their stylized cans at bars, restaurants and house parties across town. (


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