Best Wines Under $20: Top Bottles to Impress Your Boss

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Best Wines Under $20: Top Bottles to Impress Your Boss

The good news: The boss invited you to dinner. The bad news: You should probably bring a host gift. Before you choke and grab that jug of white zin, check out the expert recs for excellent wine under $20.
You finally received that coveted invitation to have dinner at your bosses place—which means it's "first impression" time all over again. It’s always a solid (and often times, expected) gesture to bring a host or hostess gift, and a good bottle of wine is always a safe bet.

Unsure of which wine will impress your boss—without breaking the bank? We spoke with a pair of top wine experts based in New York City for tips on inexpensive wines (under $20) that are sure to please even the most discriminating oenophile.

Some of the wines they recommended are equipped with the more modern ‘Stelvin’ (aka twist-top) closure. However, should someone turn up their nose at a “screw-cap,” confidently inform them this kind of topper practically guarantee that the contents will never be "corked," or spoiled due to contamination (studies have shown that wines with this kind of a cap are far less likely to go bad than those with traditional corks).

No matter what you end up handing over when your boss greets you at the door, you'll be scoring points by not showing up empty handed. Bring him a new favorite, however, and you'll be in better standing the next time you need to ask for a favor in return.

Not sure how to spot a high-quality wine for under $20? Click here for 5 Way to Spot a Good Wine.

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