Best Wines Under $20: Top Bottles to Impress Your Boss

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Best Wines Under $20: Top Bottles to Impress Your Boss

The good news: The boss invited you to dinner. The bad news: You should probably bring a host gift. Before you choke and grab that jug of white zin, check out the expert recs for excellent wine under $20.

Villa Antinori ($17)

Demonstrate your ability to navigate the often mind-bending canals of the Italian wine landscape by bringing this gem from the Tuscany region. Michael Heckler, a beverage manager at Richard Sandoval's Pampano in New York, notes "It's akin to bringing a 1st growth Bordeaux's second label - Antinori is a legend among wine makers in Italy." Considered a 'super-Tuscan,' "it shows incredible finesse in winemaking at a highly affordable price."

Tasting Cheat Sheet: Supple and slightly jammy with lots of smoky plum and fresh licorice notes

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