When it comes to impressing the boss, you know you’re well on your way when the coveted invite to dinner at his place is finally extended. It’s “first impression” time all over again. In addition to doning the best your closet has to offer, it’s always a nice gesture to bring a host/hostess gift, and a bottle of wine is usually a pretty safe bet.

Unsure of what wine will best suit your host? We spoke with a couple wine directors around New York City for tips on inexpensive (under 20 bucks) wines that are sure to impress even the most discriminating oenophile. Some of these wines are equipped with the more modern ‘Stelvin’ (aka twist-top) closure. However, should someone turn up their nose at a “screw-cap,” confidently inform them that you can almost guarantee the wine will satisfy their palate. Besides, studies have shown wines spoil far less often under the Stelvin closure and really only a mere 5% of wines really need to age in the bottle under cork.