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Four Drinks to Hydrate and Boost Performance

Though it's your best bet, water isn't your only option for hydrating your body.
Four Drinks to Hydrate and Boost Performance

Water is No. 1 when it comes to staying hydrated—but for extra variety, try these four effective and refreshing summer options.

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Make a 7-Eleven run! In a 2010 study, flavored ice drinks lowered preexercise body temperature and increased endurance running time in the heat.

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Recent research showed that habitual coffee drinkers (3–6 cups/day) get just as hydrated from coffee as water. And the caffeine is an endurance-boosting bonus.

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Coconut water offers the same amount of rehydration as both a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink and water, a 2012 study on treadmill exercise found.

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Just 17 ounces an hour before exercise leads to less soreness after, we recently reported. Buy seedless watermelon and toss chunks in a blender.

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