Gluten-Free Beers You’ve Gotta Try

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Gluten-Free Beers You’ve Gotta Try

Whether gluten messes with your gut or you’ve given up grains out of an allegiance to the wildly popular Paleo diet, these seven alterna-brews are worth a taste.

Bard’s gluten-free craft beer is the brainchild of two self-professed beer geeks and home brewers who were both diagnosed with celiac disease. Instead of giving up their favorite frothy beverages, Bard’s Tale Beer Company founders Kevin Seplowitz and Craig Belser began malting a celiac-safe grain called sorghum. Sorghum replaces malted barley, making Bard’s naturally gluten-free. Our take on malted sorghum: it’s not bad. Bard’s is a lighter-tasting lager with a richness that mimics traditional beer. It’s definitely one of the most authentic-tasting options on our list.


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