Gluten-Free Beers You’ve Gotta Try

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Gluten-Free Beers You’ve Gotta Try

Whether gluten messes with your gut or you’ve given up grains out of an allegiance to the wildly popular Paleo diet, these seven alterna-brews are worth a taste.

Anheuser-Busch’s sorghum-based lager is the top-selling gluten-free beer on the market in the United States. And we had no trouble tracking down the Budweiser cousin at even the most unsophisticated beer joints. While Redbridge is by no means a grass cutting beer—you know, the cheapies you keep stocked in the fridge all summer—its fruit, hop, and grain-infused flavor is less complex than other bottles on our list. Still, the crisp and refreshing brew tastes more like a beer than a cider and didn’t make us feel overly full—so that’s a win.

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