Gluten-Free Beers You’ve Gotta Try

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Gluten-Free Beers You’ve Gotta Try

Whether gluten messes with your gut or you’ve given up grains out of an allegiance to the wildly popular Paleo diet, these seven alterna-brews are worth a taste.

Unlike the other gluten-free brews on our list, Omission isn’t made from sorghum. Instead, Portland-based Widmer Brothers Brewing makes the beer with malted barley—and then takes out the gluten. While each batch is tested to ensure the gluten concentration is deemed safe for celiacs, federal guidelines won’t let the brand boast “gluten-free” on its label. Still, the gluten extraction process, although a touchy subject for straightedge celiacs, allows Omission to cling to its authentic craft-beer taste. “This gluten-free beer makes me forget that I am drinking gluten-free beer. It tastes like a lager,” says Holl. Others agree—Omission’s current offerings—a lager (4.6% ABV) and a pale ale (5.8% ABV)—won gold and silver medals in the gluten-free category at the 2012 Great International Beer and Cider Competition.

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