Great-Tasting Craft Beers That Won't Wreck Your Body

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Great-Tasting Craft Beers That Won't Wreck Your Body

Okay, so you can’t train with it, but craft beer doesn’t have to erase fitness gains. Here are some lighter, healthier choices.
We love beer, sure—but do our bodies? Turns out, the answer can be yes. Flavor- packed, mineral-rich beer is practically a carbohydrate delivery system, nutritionally speaking. Dark beers are naturally high in antioxidants; and hops (which add spice and aroma to beer) are rich in healthful anti-inflammatory polyphenols.

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Until now, though, many craft beers have been simply too syrupy and alcoholic (read: caloric) to make much sense for the fittest guys. But the good-beer revolution has a new weapon: lower-calorie, naturally produced brews with all the heft and hops of microbrews, minus the flab. Here, eight picks for guilt-free post-workout pints.


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