Nutrition on Speed: 5 Essential Juice Recipes for Fit Guys

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Nutrition on Speed: 5 Essential Juice Recipes for Fit Guys

How can juicing boost your workout performance? Here, five fruit and vegetable juice recipes built to increase energy and speed up muscle recovery.

Coconut water, as you know, is rich in electrolytes—but tomato juice has also recently gotten some attention as a natural sports drink, thanks to a new study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology. After vigorous workouts, researchers found that those drinking tomato juice (rich in the antioxidant lycopene) experienced faster muscle recovery and blood-sugar-stabilization than those who drank a fizzy energy drink. Try the post-gym recipe below, and for an extra boost, add cucumber. It’s not only especially hydrating after a depleting workout, but it’s also cheap to buy organic, says Calbom.

Make It: Juice 1 cup carrot juice (about 6 medium carrots); juice from 1 lemon; 1 tomato, cut into chunks and frozen; 1 large handful of cilantro; ½ cup coconut water.


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