Classic Spring Cocktails: 4 Easy-to-Master Recipes

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Classic Spring Cocktails: 4 Easy-to-Master Recipes

What winter? The mix masters at Moët Hennessy are whipping up some truly tempting warm weather drinks for the 2013 South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Even if you can't make it down to Miami, get the flavor by whipping up one of these tasty, deceptively
Why is it that every man should have a few simple, easy-sipping cocktail recipes in our back pockets—yet when pressed to actually prepare one, we often end up defaulting to some sub-standard mixed drink (rum runners, anyone)?

That's why were pleased to get a sneak peek at the line-up of adult beverages being served by Moët Hennessy at the 2013 South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Rather than some fruity, overly tropical concoction, every one of the four featured cocktails is a take on an a classic....none of which require more than three ingredients.

They were put together by Hennessy’s national bartender, Jordan Bushell, who will be sharing his trade secrets with us before the doors are opened to the teaming, thirsty masses. Be sure to turn in tomorrow as we post insights from the a true mix master—and be sure to tweet us your cocktail conundrums—we may broadcast your question (and Jordan's response) during our Sobe 2013 coverage.


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