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The Guy's Guide to Green Juice

Late to the green-juice game? Use this guide to brush up on the basics, from equipment to ingredients to gulping greens on the go.

You break out the blender and whip up smoothies and shakes like it's NBD. But when it comes to juicing, you're a late adopter, confused by lingo like "cold pressed" and "centrifugal." Sound familiar? You've landed in the right place. With the help of New York City-based dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot, M.S., R.D., we've outlined the basics, from equipment to ingredients to juicing on the go. But first, why you should be gulping the green stuff in the first place...

The Body Benefits

Because your body doesn't need to work at breaking down the ingredients, juicing delivers big doses of vitamins and minerals to your system faster than eating foods whole. The nutrients you get from juicing can boost your immune system, keep your energy levels up, and help you take in multiple servings of fruits and vegetables at once. Think about it like this: Would you rather gnaw your way through an overflowing bowl of kale, or sip a single glass of juice? 

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