Three Juice Recipes That Pack a Punch

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Three Juice Recipes That Pack a Punch

Look beyond cleansing to discover the body-sculpting potential of natural juices.

This unique drink packs a one-two punch. Beets contain a diuretic compound that helps flush fat from the body, while cinnamon has been shown to help control blood sugar levels and may also aid weight loss.


2 cups baby spinach

1 cup kale

1 medium beet, scrubbed, halved

1 medium cucumber

1⁄4 tsp cinnamon


Juice first four ingredients. Whisk in the cinnamon and serve. Makes one serving.



80 calories, 6g protein, 14g carbs, 1g fat, 0g fiber, 8g sugar, 870mg potassium, 170% DV vitamin A, 20% DV calcium, 30% DV folate

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