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What You Need to Know About H2O

Why staying hydrated is key to looking and feeling your absolute best.

If you're still holding onto the notion that eight cups of water a day is sufficient (I bet you also still believe that you need to wait 30 minutes after eating to go for a swim), you're not working at your body's peak performance level.

"Water makes up about 60-70% of our body and plays a role in virtually every function, from keeping our blood flowing and skin healthy right down to our ability to blink our eyes," says Wendy Bazilian, Dr.P.H., R.D., author of The SuperFoodsRx Diet. "Water is our most important nutrient."

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Sure, hydration is important to survival, but if you are healthy and have access to clean water, death by dehydration probably isn't a major fear. So why should you be concerned with hydration? Even mild dehydration can begin to compromise your health and stifle the effectiveness of your workout. Here are the top four reasons to make sure you stay hydrated at all times.



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