10 Best Sources of Fiber

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10 Best Sources of Fiber

These fiber-filled foods aid weight loss by helping you feel full longer and monitoring digestion.

Brussels sprouts are the food that every kid loves to hate. You should love them. Because Brussels sprouts have a similar plant origin to broccoli and cabbage, they share many of the same health promoting nutrients, including being high in fiber. 10 sprouts contain 7 grams of fiber. To prepare them, cut them in half, toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast them, flat side down at 400-450 degrees until the bottoms being to crisp up (about 20 minutes). Cooking them this way will caramelize some of their carbohydrates giving you a simple and irresistible way to prepare Brussels sprouts that are a far cry from the boiled ones you were forced to eat as a kid.


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