10 Foods That Fill You Up While You Trim Down

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10 Foods That Fill You Up While You Trim Down

Cutting calories? No need to subsist on spinach and egg whites alone. Stock your kitchen with a variety of healthy foods that are high in protein and fiber and you’ll feel satisfied enough to stick to a weight loss plan past January.

Broth-based soup is a triple threat when it comes to feeling full for fewer calories. Most recipes are loaded with fiber-rich vegetables and lean protein, like chicken or shrimp. Plus, the warm liquid takes up plenty of space in your stomach. Eating soup as a pre-lunch snack helped participants in a Penn State University study take in 100 fewer calories during their midday meal than those who opted for other snacks or no snack at all. Researchers suggest that soup’s satisfying combination of liquids and solids makes it an appetite suppressant.

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