Bean Burrito

Not the crappy, refried Taco Bell kind. We’re talking straight up black or pinto beans. Along with being rich in dietary fiber, beans offer a healthy dose of carbs and protein to keep you feeling full and energized. Throw in some fresh salsa, wrap it in a corn or wheat tortilla, and you’ve got the ultimate healthy, hand-held feast. Avoid the urge to top it off with piles of cheese and sour cream. With all the extra fat and calories you may as well eat a chili dog. Opt for a little crumble of queso fresco, which only has 41 calories and 2 grams of fat per ounce, and hot sauce instead.


Moo Shu Shrimp

Don’t let the "Moo" fool you. This delicious, non-beef dish is low in fat and high in nutrition. The shrimp and eggs offer plenty of protein, while the cabbage, mushrooms and bamboo shoots are loaded with essential vitamins like beta-carotene and vitamin C. When adding rice, make sure it’s steamed and not fried.


Aloo Gobi

Sounds like something you might inadvertently step in during a jungle excursion, but it’s actually a potato and cauliflower curry dish with a wholesome blend of high antioxidant, Indian spices. One of those spices is turmeric, which research has shown helps fight disease by boosting the liver's ability to detoxify the blood.



Tired of the same old rice and pasta dishes? A staple of North African cooking, couscous offers a tasty alternative. Made from durum wheat, couscous is commonly used as a nutritious base for salads and a variety of meat and vegetable dishes. It can also be sweetened, spiced and mixed with dried fruits and served as a dessert. To maximize the nutritional value be sure to choose whole wheat couscous over the regular version.