10 Healthy Foods We Love to Hate

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10 Healthy Foods We Love to Hate

From brussels sprouts to liver, here's how to learn to like and cook with them.

Children are expected to say things like, "I don't eat eggs, ever." Or, "Liver? Gross!" However, when adults do it they better have a severe allergy or a convincing health, political, or environmental argument to back it up. On a first date, for instance, it may tell your companion that you're unadventurous because your diet rarely strays far from the beaten path. But more importantly, you may be depriving yourself of some awesome flavor and seriously important nutrients. 

Most of us developed these food phobias during childhood, but it's never too late to get over them. Here are the most common "ick" foods that are actually incredibly good for you—and tasty.

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