10 Healthy Foods We Love to Hate

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10 Healthy Foods We Love to Hate

From brussels sprouts to liver, here's how to learn to like and cook with them.

It's easy to hate these mini-cabbages without even trying them. They're the knee-jerk low-water mark for kids. The bitter taste, odd texture, and vague aroma of feet are enough to scare anyone off. However, the same qualities are attributed to fine cheeses.

Health benefits:
Very high in fiber and protein, it can be a filling but low-calorie side dish. Scientists also believe the vegetable may protect against cancer because it's rich in indole—a phytochemical—and vitamin C.

Learn to like it:
Buy fresh Brussels sprouts that are still on the stalk. These will taste much better than the frozen. Slice each one down the middle and cook them in extra-virgin olive oil with freshly chopped garlic on the stove. Salt and pepper to your taste. To "gourmet-it-up," add walnuts, shallots, grated cheese, and bacon in moderation.

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