10 Ways to Win the War on Colds and the Flu

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10 Ways to Win the War on Colds and the Flu

Use these tips to dodge the season’s coughs, sneezes, and fevers.

If there's one thing that's inevitible each winter (aside from snow and maybe a polar vortex in recent years) is sickness. There's no bypassing colds and the flu—both are respiratory illnesses caused by viruses, explains Pritish Tosh, M.D., an infectious disease physician at the Mayo Clinic—but there are ways to bolster your body's immune system. To effectively ward off this season's sicknesses, without holing up in your house, stick to our preemptive plan. It's comprised of 10 tips to keep your body working optimally so you can limit the number of days spent sneezing and coughing.

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