The 11 Most Intimidating Foods and How to Prepare Them

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The 11 Most Intimidating Foods and How to Prepare Them

Don’t let these dishes deter you. Learn to cook like a chef, from a chef.

What's to fear? Being a murderer. “Lobster may be the only food where the end user is expected to do the killing,” says Allen.

Get over it: If you want to punt on the “murder” thing, stock up on frozen lobster tails. But if you’re going to boil live lobsters, try massaging the critter between its antennae before you do the deed. This motion will kind of hypnotize them, causing them to coil their tail obligingly. Once the tail curls, quickly toss the animal in a stockpot filled with boiling water, put the lid on, and “don’t look back!” Allen says. If you’d rather instantly kill the lobster, take the point of your knife and insert it right behind its antennae before cooking.

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