The 11 Most Intimidating Foods and How to Prepare Them

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The 11 Most Intimidating Foods and How to Prepare Them

Don’t let these dishes deter you. Learn to cook like a chef, from a chef.

What's to fear? “Whole fish tends to gross some people out when there’s an eyeball staring at you,” says Allen. There are also bones to deal with, as well as scales and even guts, if you caught the fish yourself.

Get over it: To eliminate the “ick” factor, always buy your fresh fish the day you’re planning to serve it. It will taste better and will likely still smell like clean water so it won’t stink up your house. Cooking fish on the bone provides better flavor and helps to keep the meat tender, but if you want the easiest option, skip whole fish and reach for the fillets. As for cooking, just remember these three numbers: 8, 10, and 400. An 8-ounce portion of almost any fish will cook nicely in a 400° oven for 10 minutes. With that basic knowledge, you can cook almost anything from salmon to sea bass to red snapper, regardless of whether you’re serving one person or 20.

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