12 Healthy Fast Food Lunches

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12 Healthy Fast Food Lunches

These low-calorie and low-fat menu picks taste good without ruining your diet.

Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Burger (Open-Faced) and Small Chili

Wendy’s is a fast-food restaurant with the advantage of selection. The items on the menu can easily be tailored to the size you want, and you can mix and match. The Ultimate Chicken Grill Burger has 390 calories, 10g fat, and 34g protein. Make it open-faced by removing the top burger bun and save 110 calories and 25g carbohydrates. Pair with a small chili and get a complete meal with over 40g. Other options are the BLT Cobb Salad (360 calories) and the Chicken Go Wrap (260 calories).

Calories: 490 Fat: 14g Protein: 42g Carbs: 39g


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