12 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating

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12 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating

When it comes to snacking, do you feel like once you pop, you can’t stop? Your biology, habits, and surroundings may all be to blame.

Eating out of a multiple-serving package can result in a binge—even if you aren’t enjoying what you’re eating. Research from Cornell University found that moviegoers who were served stale popcorn out of large buckets ate 34% more than those who ate from medium-sized containers. Subjects who were given fresh popcorn ate 45% more from large tubs. “Whether it’s eating ice cream from the gallon, chips from the bag, or nuts from the jar, when you eat directly from the package, you lose all sense of portion control,” says Gans. “When they don’t portion your food out you will find it hard to stop after one serving.”

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