4 Ways to Beat Bloating

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4 Ways to Beat Bloating

Crippled by stomach pains and cramps? Here's what is causing it, and how to stop it.

Bloating associated with the ‘magical fruit’ is not a surprise to anyone. However it can be avoided. Bean bloating is very similar to lactose intolerance as the root cause of the bloating is undigested carbohydrates. The culprit this time are a class of carbohydrates called oligosaccharides, namely two specific carbohydrates – raffinose and stachyose. Just as with lactose intolerance they pass through your small intestine undigested, go to your large intestine and cause water balance and fermentation issues. Individual sensitivity to these types of carbohydrates (which are also found in cabbage) varies. There are two solutions for the bean bloat. Just as you can take a lactase pill to combat lactose intolerance you can take alpha-galactosidase supplement like Beano, to aid in the breakdown of these trouble carbohydrates. This will eliminate digestive issues and the bloating associated with eating beans. Your other option if you buy dry beans is to soak them overnight in water and baking soda as this has been shown to reduce oligosaccharides by up to 90%.


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