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5 Comfort-Food Flips That Will Transform Fat Bombs Into Muscle-Building Meals

With just a few quick ingredient swaps, “illegal” can be turned into healthy—yet still delicious—treats.
William and Susan Brinson

When you’re in the mood for comfort food, you want it to taste like it’s supposed to—rich, delicious...comforting—not all “healthified” (“low fat!” “sugar free!”) and cardboard-y.

Well, prepare your taste buds for the surprise of a lifetime, because we’ve come up with recipes that do the impossible: combine solid nutrition with real, decadent indulgence. We’re talking gooey mac and cheese, crispy fish-and-chips, downright sweet brownies—all just slightly modified so you can enjoy the flavors you crave without the pounds that usually come with them. Trust us, even a health food junkie will find these dishes delectable.

Because the only way you'll stick with eating good food is if it tastes better than junk food.



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