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5 Diet Mistakes That Won't Help With Cutting Body Fat

If you've still been putting on the pounds in all the wrong places, make these simple changes to get on track.

The toughest part about cleaning up your diet is getting your body accustomed to it. Put it into a new routine, sticking to it, and learning to love it. These are five common mistakes you've been making for years—but five easy solutions can start overnight.

1. You're eating crap with friends

Solution: If you're hanging at your place, be more concious of the snacks you have on hand. Try these 20 healthy options under 200 calories. If you're a guest, bring some. Ordering out? Screw the wings, go with anything-chicken. It's got more protein and hopefully not drenched in fatty-sauce. Can't stop? Chew gum, asap.

2. You're eating while interneting

Solution: There's a new rule of eating—only do it in the kitchen. Hanging in front of the TV, or the computer will distract you from how much you're actually eating. Keep food where it belongs—on the kitchen table.

3. You're eating junk at the office

Solution: Stay on a regular eating schedule and don't deviate. Bring your own snacks. Here are seven deskside snacks we suggest. And if you're eating lunch out at a restaurant, and are easily tempted by everyone else's selection—set the tone by ordering first.

4. You're turning a cheat meal into a cheat day

Giving yourself a break from time to time is cool, but a cheat meal is a meal—not four squares of stuffing your face. Get it together, man.

5. You're crushing too much food after a workout

Stop thinking that exercise makes you hungrier—it doesn't. But you should eat a little something beforehand. Try a Greek yogurt and mix in some protein powder for a 150-200 calorie, high-protein snack that will keep your hunger hormones in check.


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