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5 Diet-Friendly Recipes for the New Year

Master these five meals and you'll eat healthy all year—and shed your belly fat in the process.
James Ransom

We know, you’ve seen this movie before: Right out of the New Year’s gate you start all hot and healthy, downing chicken and broccoli every night, only to crash hard into a pile of pizza boxes six weeks later. And the reason your diet has the half-life of a Tinder fling? Your food sucks. 

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But healthy food can, in fact, be really delicious. To prove it, we’ve put together five dishes that are not only so good for you—high in protein and micronutrients and low in calories, fat, and sugar—but also so plain good you’ll never miss junk food again. Trust us, in a few months the new you will be looking in the mirror and telling the old you: “Hey, thanks for the abs!” 



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