5 Foods to Help You Fake a Tan

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5 Foods to Help You Fake a Tan

Nutrients in these five veggies can give you that summer glow and you won't even have to step out into the sun.

There’s a reason people spend hours at the beach baking in the sun, failing to put on an effective SPF, and putting themselves at risk for skin cancer and premature aging: We all want a healthy-looking wash of color to go with the summer bodies we've been working on for months. But there's a way to get golden skin without soaking up dangerous UV rays—or stepping foot inside a spray-tan booth. Believe it or not, your diet may hold the key to more color. Eating an abundance of fruit and vegetables can give your skin a healthier-looking glow than the sun can, suggests a study published in Evolution and Human Behaviour. Foods that are particularly high in beta-carotene, like carrots and dark leafy greens, give skin a more golden color. Don't expect to look like you just got back from the beach, but when these foods can also boost immunity and fight cancer, why not give 'em a shot this season?

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