6 Healthy Ways to Elevate a Lean Burger

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6 Healthy Ways to Elevate a Lean Burger

Here’s your grilling game plan: Keep the meat lean, the buns optional—then add a kick with these healthy toppings and condiments.

You’re pretty happy kicking it in jeans and t-shirts most of the time, but every once in a while you don’t mind getting dressed up. In fact, you kind of like it. And guess what? Your burger’s the same way. Because many days, a clean and lean patty hits the mark, but other times, that hunk of beef or turkey (or whatever it may be) demands a little extra something-something to truly satisfy.

Before smothering your burger with a blob of gooey cheese or a squirt of store-bought ketchup, though, consider these more sophisticated add-ons from Boston BBQ aficionados Andy Husbands and Chris Hart. Red hots, mango chile slaw, quick pickled onions—these easy but inspired recipes from their new book, Wicked Good Burgers, will take your burger to the next level, guaranteed.

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